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Safe Detoxification in Jacksonville, FL

Reach out to us for a safe, medication-assisted withdrawal treatment program. At Sensible Sobriety, we offer medically supervised detoxification in Jacksonville, FL , that is designed to reduce patients’ withdrawal symptoms from opiates, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. When you or a loved one is ready to work toward sobriety, our compassionate team is here to walk you through this important first step as comfortably as possible.

Personalized Treatment 

Patients begin our program with a timely psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, and we coordinate care with the patients’ primary care physician in order to provide optimal treatment. We also continue medication-assisted treatment following detoxification to uphold sober living-related experiences. Our knowledgeable team works with each patient extensively and treats them with the appropriate medications for any undiagnosed anxiety, depression, bipolar, and other mental health disorders. At our facility, we do everything we can to maximize patients’ recovery potential.

The Road to Lasting Recovery

Detoxification is just the start of a commitment to recovery that improves patients’ health and overall quality of life. Once patients have detoxed, our therapists continue to help them work through traumas, develop new patterns of thinking and behavior, and focus on gratitude, service, and other key components of recovery. With our counseling and treatment, patients have an improved chance of achieving lasting recovery.

The length of the detoxification period will vary from patient to patient. Several factors will determine the timeframe, such as the type of substance abused, frequency of use, weight and age, nutritional factors, and other considerations. Since withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and in some cases life-threatening, it’s crucial that detoxification only be attempted in a facility such as ours where patients can be monitored and their symptoms treated immediately. 

Of course, sobriety requires dedication, discipline, and honesty with one’s self. In group and individual therapy sessions, patients learn how they can continue to hold themselves accountable to work towards a healthier, more positive life. If your life has been impacted by addiction, you are not alone. Our specialists are standing by to provide safe and effective treatment.

Contact us for more information. We proudly treat patients at our facility in Jacksonville, Florida.