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Medication-Assisted Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Make the sobriety process much easier for your loved ones with diagnostic evaluations and medication management from Sensible Sobriety in Jacksonville, Florida. We combine medical and therapy services under one roof, and specialize in medication-assisted treatment in Jacksonville, FL..

Diagnostic Evaluations

Our evaluations start with a meeting with our psychiatrist / therapist and the patient in which they assess their biological, psychological, and emotional state. From there, we help the patient develop an outpatient plan to help them recover on a long-term basis. Our focus is tailoring alcohol and substance abuse treatments for optimal results.

Medication Management

Various medications, such as Suboxone™ and Vivitrol™, are used to reduce our patients' cravings, and help them control their addiction. This process helps them stay sober after detoxification. We monitor their medication adherence on a long-term basis, constantly checking for any side effects after a period of time.

Patient Getting Medication-Assisted Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

While most places offer 12-step programs, we go beyond by offering cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This is a form of psychotherapy in which the focus is the person's thoughts and mindset as well as various external factors. We help the patient become more active in their treatment. This method also helps them learn the skills needed to change their behavior in a positive direction.

Treatment Rate

Our company accepts most insurance plans, as well as self-paying patients. The rates depend on our assessment and their insurance coverage.