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Motivational Enhancement Therapy Based Intervention Program That Focuses on Empathy

When you need to find a team that can provide motivational intervention, turn to Sensible Sobriety in Jacksonville, Florida. With our help and support from their family, patients have a much easier time recovering from substance abuse problems.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Our clinic assesses a patient's motivational level, and tailors our treatment to their situation. We specialize in helping those who are thinking about quitting alcohol or drugs make that decision. For those who are ready for a life of sobriety, we assist them through our detoxification and recovery program.

Post-Treatment Assistance

Help from us does not end once a patient becomes sober. For those who have quit and recovered, we continue to help them maintain their sobriety.

Family Support

Having the right kind of support is vital to becoming and staying sober, which is why being with family is an important part of the recovery process. Alongside our evidence based therapy methods, love and care from family and friends can mean the difference when it comes to quitting alcohol and substance abuse and enjoying a better life. As part of our policy, we speak with our patients' family members, with their consent, taking the time to learn more about our their situation in a more personal context.

Group Therapy