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Group Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Make the sobriety process much easier with group therapy, individual therapy, and community support groups from Sensible Sobriety in Jacksonville, Florida. Intensive Outpatient groups are designed to meet individual patient's needs and their readiness to change. Pre-Contemplation and Contemplation groups are designed to enhance readiness and engagement in the treatment process. Preparation and Action groups are for clients who are willing to participate in medically safe detoxification and learn skills related to sustaining initial days of sobriety. Maintenance groups are designed to prepare them with skills needed to maintain sobriety for the long term and enhance their ability to self-manage their illness so that routine outpatient care can resume.    For more details on our behavioral health care services in Jacksonville, FL, contact us today.

Individual Therapy

We are aware that everyone has a certain comfort level for discussing personal matters in a group setting. There are times when the challenges, or crises, we face are more daunting and may require additional help and professional treatment. Individual therapy is designed to increase the confort level and to help the patient get more out of the program.

Community Support Groups

We encourage active participation in community based resources including AA and NA meetings as well as other faith based support groups.

Group Therapy in Jacksonville, FL